Quality Control


  • QC/Technical Support:
    Staff: 5 to 9                                        Tooling/Molding Engineers with more than 5 years experience inspecting the tooling/molding problems, improving quality and production effect, eliminate defective products.
  • Devices department:
    Frequent maintenance of the production and inspection old machines, improvising and verifying fixture. Purchasing advanced equipment and product inspection



 RoHS test system

    Elongation tester                                                                

  Salt Spray tester

   TDR analyzer

QC inspection

3D HDTV testing with Sony PS3:1080P


  • Materials/Components
    All materials must pass IQC and RoHs, our RoHS tester makes our products meet to the international standard
  • Procedures/testing Details
    The process starts with incoming materials and runs through every stage from material inspection, cable making, soldering, testing, molding, packing semi products, finished products to warehouse Process including: Incoming inspection (IQC), in-process inspection (IPQC), final inspection (FQC)

Main testing machines:

  • High Pressure testing for 100% open and short testing
  • TDR testing to test Attenuation(Insertion loss), FEXT, differential mode impedance, mated connector impedance, differential mode delay and intra pair skew
  • Real 3D HTTV testing with Sony PS3:1080P
  • RoHS testing
  • Salt Spary tester,Image projector,Tension &Elongation tester